“o.” is an evolving experiment: a performance 'situation' that has been created for music to exist in the present. Participants interact with a web-based "app" that encourages curiosity as performers are immersed in an ongoing sonic experience - creating sound in response to a growing number of visual stimuli. Each of these stimuli – texts, animations, graphics – are musical translations stemming from an immediate response by the composer to a specific reoccurring ‘sound event’. The work evolves through time with each translation being added to the app creating an ever-changing structure and subsequently increasing the musical possibilities to be explored by the performers.

"o." exists in three forms.

"o." as found below, exists as a timed concert work approx. 7 mins.

if you're interested in "o.'s" existence in the present as an indefinite form/tool for sonic exploration - get in contact to receive your sound parcel.

this version was updated 29.9.16  

"o." exists.